Intro To Mobility


You don’t have to tell me that mobility work is a few-and-far-between activity for most men. Not because we have anything against it, it just doesn’t come to mind as something we need to do, or we don’t yet understand the value of it, or frankly we’ve never heard the word before.

Mobility involves soft tissue work (think ungluing your overworked muscles), stretching and joint mobilization (proper rotation, flexion and form in general). As Kelly Starrett puts it, “Mobility is the guide to resolving pain, preventing injury, and optimizing athletic performance.

Not only does good mobility work keep you from injury, it will actually increase muscular and performance gains in your routine workouts if done right. No joke.

Want to know more?

Start with Kelly Starrett’s YouTube channel. He has several hundred videos on mobility exercises, and your time is well spent performing them. Start with his basic stretching videos.

Want something in-depth to read? Pick up Supple Leopard – Kelly’s treatise on mobility and self-maintenance.

If you decide to get into the subject, you’ll find it’s almost an endless topic with more value than you imagined. I’ve been studying and working on my mobility for over a year of working out hard and have avoided any serious injury. That’s pretty rare.

If you’re already familiar with Mobility and are looking for tools, here’s some of what I use:

Good luck and one last thing. Normally I would offer 2 or 3 options on a subject if possible, but in this case, Kelly Starrett truly is the best resource for this material. He trains professional athletes, astronauts, and active special forces operators and made mobility a household word in the fitness community.