GRIT | October AAR

JoshAfter Action Review

GRIT day was brutal, awesome and as strange as it may sound, a lot of fun. Not a single quitter showed up. Everyone put out and performed with a ton of heart and effort.

Here’s the AAR (After Action Review) including movements made along with some of the math to figure out just how much of X, Y or Z was done.

Movement 1


  • With ruck, perform 20 walking lunges
  • Drop ruck, run to base (330m from start),
  • Perform first exercise at base,
  • Run back to ruck, repeat, working down / repeating exercise list until all 330m have been lunged

Base exercises

  • burpees x20
  • squats x40
  • pushups x30
  • flutter kicks x50 (4-count)
  • dips x30
  • burps x30
  • situps x30

The Math

  • Completion time: 1:35
  • Average lunges per person: 347
  • Average distance ran: 5,160m / 3.21 mi
  • Average… burpees: 60, squats: 100, pushups: 75, flutter kicks: 125, dips: 60, burps: 60, situps: 60

Movements 2 & 3

Casualty Extraction & Re-supply

  • Locate and rig tire sleds with rope / webbing
  • Load tire with weight
  • Drag tire to infirmary (pavilion)

Infirmary work

  • 8-count body builders x75

Weapons Supplies

  • Indian run with loaded tire sleds back to origin

The Math

  • Tire drag distance: 1532m / .95 mi
  • Total time: 0:50

Movement 4


  • Secure and move all equipment by foot

The Math

  • Total weight distributed between 7 participants: 300# + 30-40# per ruck. Average weight carried per person: 78#
  • Total distance moved: 5,327m / 3.31 mi
  • Total time of movement: 1:35
  • Average time per mile: 28:41 / mi

Total GRIT Day Distance Covered: 7.47 mi

Event Date: Saturday, October 31 6am-10am

Attendance: Corny N, John N, Brent D, Ryan H, David F, Garrett W, Josh M