GRIT | March AAR

JoshAfter Action Review

A rad mix of challenges, movements, laughs, games and rewards, March’s GRIT Day was awesome, albeit slightly colder than we wanted since it moved the BBQ indoors…

A “reward” premise was established at the beginning: a completion of 7 exercises could earn a reduction in distance and reps. The opportunity for these was presented at predetermined points.

Here were the exercises

  • a) one pax carries all backpacks and sandbags 25yds
  • b) one pax performing 60 pushups without rest
  • c) one pax performing 90s highboat
  • d) one pax performing 2min dancing chilcutt
  • e) one pax performing 15 hover-clap pushups, no rest
  • f) one pax performing 30 frog jumps in 60s
  • g) one pax performing 30 box-jumps in 60s

And here’s the recap of events.

Movement 1

Recon. Movement to parking garage roof for observation and intel gathering. This took the form of the following PT, in order

  • lunge down sloped driveways (3 tiers = approximately 225m)
    • carry rucks across flats
  • at bottom, overhead carry up stairs to top level
  • 150 ruck burpees | Reward opportunity: Brandon cut the reps in half by winning a 90s highboat challenge
  • overhead carry down stairs
  • animal crawls | Reward opportunity: Dustin removed the duck walk tier by blasting out the 60 pushups challenge
    • bear crawl up first slope
    • crab walk up second slope
    • duck walk up third slope

Movement 2

Supply chain to front line. Ruck back to start point and load up sandbags in partners: one 40-pounder for every 2 people.

Get rucking’. For first 2 miles, pax A will take Pax B’s ruck and sandbag and continue on. Pax B will complete the following PT in place then run to catch pax A. Swap and continue

  • 50 pushups
  • 50 squats
  • 25 mountain climbers

Mile marker 1 game time: we had 100 8-count body builders to do, but 20 could be taken off for each man that guessed how many rocks I was holding in my left hand. I had 2 rocks total, but switched the number in my left hand each turn. End result? Lucked out with only 40 reps! Continue the supply chain run of movement 2…

Mile marker 2 challenge time: Garrett cut the PT out of the supply run and gave every man his ruck by carrying all the bags and sandbags 40 yards

We hit the turn around at mile marker 2.5 and huffed it back to the start point.


A planned endex relay of 300m farmer-carries and mountain climbers was cut short by the completion of 3 more rewards:

  • Jonathan Scruggs killed 30 frog-jumps in right around 35 seconds
  • Brent Davis slammed out 30 brutal box jumps in 45 seconds
  • I completed 15 hover-clap pushups

Everyone put out and had a great time. There were tons of laughs, tons of groans and tons of hard work. Another one down in the books!