GRIT | January AAR

JoshAfter Action Review

Equal parts brutal and fun, GRIT this January was rad. Here’s the recap.

Movement 1

Recon & Log Extraction

We started off with the always-wonderful low crawl, covering approximately 125m. From there we regrouped, bear-crawled another 50m and disappeared into the woods. Here we located our targeted fell tree and promptly put saw to wood, freeing that burden from it’s entanglements.

Movement 2

Beat-Down 1

After extracting and readying the log for some relocation, we quick-stepped to the local PG (playground). Here we went through 5 rounds of to-failure PT. Every exercise, every round was to failure. Here was the beat-down list.

  • pull-ups
  • chin-ups
  • push-ups (narrow)
  • push-ups (wide)
  • squat hops
  • lunge hops
  • knee-to-elbow crunches
  • flutter kicks
  • russian twists

Movement 3

Log Relocation 1

After beat-down 1 we located 5 cached sandbags and headed for the log. 7 men, 5 sandbags and a log that required 4 men to carry it meant we had to strap a couple sandbags to the log and Garrett loaded himself with the sandbag-weight of another man (145lbs total).

Following game trails, off-beaten paths, and uneven terrain forcing us under and over many trees and obstacles, we relocated that SOB 1km just in time for another beat down.

Log PT

With everyone in place on the log, we performed 2 rounds of 20 reps for each of the following:

  • shoulder-to-shoulder
  • squats
  • forward benders (aka “good morning wood”)
  • lying press
  • sit-ups
  • lunges

Log Relocation 2

Upon completion of log PT, we resumed our positions under logs and sandbags and continued the log relocation another 1000m to our drop-point where we neatly tucked the log away for future fun.

Movement 4

The Return to Base

From here we huffed it back 1km where we realized some body repair was needed. Here we performed 50 8-count bodybuilders with rucks on, quickly reloaded sandbags and sped back to our starting position, completing the 4 hour workout.

GRIT day was a win. Lots of hard work and just as many laughs. We snapped a few picks for memories and headed over to the BBQ where our families had the food ready and kids were going nuts. It was perfect.

GRIT January log
Our beloved log nearing it’s final resting place
GRIT January guys
All the guys except Brandon who took off early

Event Date: Saturday, January 30 6am-10am

Attendance: Brent Davis, Garrett Walston, Brandon Blake, Clint Fiore, Jonathan Scruggs, David McMenomey, Josh Motlong