GRIT | December AAR

JoshAfter Action Review

December GRIT was awesome. I don’t know how but these are getting more and more fun each time. Gluttons for punishment, I guess.

This one was a simple but challenging movement. Here’s the breakdown.

The overall movement was an 8-mile ruck, spent in 20 minute legs. After 20 minutes of rucking, 10 minutes were dedicated to as many pushups and squats as can be completed up to 125 of each. Wash, rinse, repeat. The PT came to 8 rounds over 4 hours, totaling 1,000 pushups and 1,000 squats for the few who were able to complete the exercises at each stop.

The bonus for those who completed the 1K reps was a custom patch marking the accomplishment.

3 of the 9 men were able to complete the PT (Corny, Clint & myself), but there were a few guys who impressed even more by fighting for every rep through every minute of every set even though they knew they weren’t going to make it and get the patch. These guys were all heart and probably put-out more than anyone (you know who you are).

I was proud to run with everyone who turned out. Great job guys.

Event Date: Saturday, December 12 6am-10:30am

Attendance: Corny N, John N, Brent D, David F, Garrett W, Reuben W, Brandon B, Clint F, Josh M