GRIT | April AAR

JoshAfter Action Review

Sometimes awkward is the best kind of tough. And sometimes that awkwardness is giving every man a truck tire to carry around for hours.

Here’s the breakdown of last week’s GRIT day.

Movement 1 | The Firing Line

With rucks on, the team lined up facing the PT field. It would work like this: 90s of FLR, 90s of flutter kicks, over and over until each pax had completed his individual reps and tagged the next man to complete his reps. The exercises we relayed through were as follows:

  • Sprint 100m down and back
  • Lunges x50
  • Pushups x25
  • Burpees x15

It burned. Altogether, we spent right around 40min performing FLRs and flutter kicks. Time to hydrate and move out.

Movement 2 | Supply Chain

“This is my tire. There are many like it, but this one is mine.”

Everybody gets a truck tire and moves out single file, with no more than 5′ intervals. The 2 miles to our destination were filled with 5min of carrying right hand only, then left hand only, then only in front. Each road we crossed required the tire to be held out overhead until you were across. After a 5 min “freestyle” carry, it was back to more right and left hand carries until we got there.

It was my house. Up the driveway we went where tires were dropped and we took a 5 min break. In post-event discussion, the consensus was strong that many thought we were going to leave the tires there, ha! Nope, instead, we added some stressors – a 40# sandbag for every 2 people. And off we went.

Movement 3 | Warm Ups

From my house, we carried on to the back parking lot of Tivy Stadium. It was obvious the extra weight was wearisome. The distance here was a bit more than a mile, but we were making headway much slower and weight movement was needed a couple times.

Arrival offered another gear dump. Tires, sandbags and rucks all dropped. Time for PT and a chance for less PT!

Round 1

The PT at hand included 1 lap around the parking lot + 30 burpees, then 2 laps + 40 burpees and finally 3 laps + 50 burpees. An answer to some local trivia offered to cut it down to 1 lap for each set and 1/2 the burpee count.

Trivia: what industry was Kerrville started on?
Answer: saw mills manufacturing wooden roof shingles.

The guys got the answer and cut the work significantly. It was hot so most of us lost our shirts and got to work.

Round 2

100m of alternating duck walks, bear crawls and crab walks.
100m of alternating broad jumps and butt kickers.

Movement 4 | Hot ‘n Heavy

We hydrated, reloaded tires and sandbags, and headed out. For some strange reason, we were all pretty tired at this point, so progress was slow. This was the real gut-check. Guys were tired, wanted to be done and some were doubting what they could do. Everyone knew they could finish, but the fight against discomfort was at it’s highest now.

Sidenote: this point in any challenging event is why we do it. We’re looking to get to the place where it really sucks and you fight off the thoughts of gray-manning the rest of the event and not really contributing. You may have heard the phrase, “it doesn’t matter how you perform when you’re fresh; what matters is what you do when there’s nothing left.” This was that.

The push back was tiring and it wasn’t even that far, but it was hot, the gear was heavy and we were worn. So we kept it going and with everyone pitching in, we made it back to the start and wrapped up the morning.

It was a testing GRIT day and it was an awesome GRIT day. Each one of us have different levels of strength and endurance, different cardiovascular and aerobic levels and sometimes that can lead you to think that the strongest or most athletic guy is putting out more than the others. But that’s not necessarily the case. Some carried more than others and some finished faster in the PT, but it looked to me that everyone was putting out as hard as they could.

Total distance rucked: 5.8mi

Ryan Huff, Garrett Walston, Brent Davis, Clint Fiore, Brandon Blake & Josh Motlong