GRIT | April 30


The next GRIT day is April 30 (link adds to calendar). As usual, it will start at 6am at Louise Hays and lasts ~ 4 hours.

Gear requirements:

  • Ruck / backpack with 25# min weight, 35# if you weigh more than 150, 45# if you like pain, 60# if you’re a glutton for punishment
  • 2 liters water, minimum
  • Gloves
  • Rope or webbing, 15′ min length
  • A change of clothes

Feel free to bring any other gear you think would be useful. There may or may not be large quantities of lifting, dragging, carrying or pulling.

Please complete the form below so we know who to expect and how much food to prepare. Even if you’re not coming, it’s helpful if we know that too. Thanks!