180 Squat Hops | 1) perform squat, 2) from bottom of squat, jump 180º into another squat. Repeat in opposite direction.

180 Depth Tuck Jumps (DTJ) | Step off elevated bench or ledge landing on both feet and instantly / explosively jumping 180º back to the bench or ledge. Beginner: Instead of jumping back to ledge, jump straight up as high as possible. Switch step-off leg each rep.

4 Corners | A series of exercises performed on the points of an equal-sided square. For example, 50m sides: run to corner 1, perform exercise 1, run to corner 2, perform exercise 2…

Alternating Shoulder Taps | From pushup position, alternate touching your left hand to right shoulder and right hand to left shoulder.

American Hammer | The better name for a Russian Twist. (Sit on your 6 with feet off the ground. Twist upper torso left and right. Can hold weight in hands for additional work).

AMRAP | As many reps as possible

Bear Crawl | Forward movement on hands and feet

Bear Crawl Drag | Bear crawl while dragging a sandbag or other weight. Typically untethered, but can be tethered as well.

Body Builder | An 8-count movement: 1) squat down, 2) kick feet back into upward pushup position, 3) kick feet outward, 4) bring feet back together, 5) down pushup, 6) up pushup, 7) bring feet under you, 8) jump up

Booyah Merkins/Pushups | While facing your partner, perform pushup and slap right hands, perform another pushup and slap left hand. Repeat. Count loudly together

Booyah Situps | Sit facing your partner, toes to toes. Perform situp at the same time and slap hands at top of movement. Count loudly together

Booyah Squats | While facing your partner, perform squat and kick inside of partner’s right foot at top of movement (like a five with your foot). Perform another squat and use left foot this time. Repeat. Count loudly together

B.O.M.B.S. | Partner up. Pax A performs exercise while Pax B runs 100m and back. Switch until total reps for each exercise have been completed as a team. B = burpees x50, O = overhead claps x100, M = merkins x150, B = big boy situps x200, S = squats x250

Box Jump Burpees | Perform a box-jump (jump onto platform with both feet) after each burpee.

Brick Builder | 10 walking lunges, 10 push-ups. Repeat for distance or sets.

Bridge | From lying position, bring feet under knees and thrust hips upward. Can be help as plank or performed in repetitions with legs together or single-legged.

Broad Jump | With feet together, jump forward as far as possible. Combine with others, e.g. Broad Jump Burpee: Broad Jump then Burpee, repeat.

Busted Bear Crawl | Bear Crawl with one leg in air

Burpicide | A suicide with increasing sets of 2 burpees at each turn

Burps | Pushup position: jump both feet under chest and back out

Burpees | From standing position, 1) drop into pushup position, 2) perform pushup, 3) bring feet under chest, 4) jump

Burpee Press | Similar to a traditional burpee, but you will lift a sandbag, weighted ruck or other weight up and overhead instead of jumping as the finishing move.

Burruckicide | Rucks off. Like a suicide. Run to 25m and back, perform 10 mutant burpees (burpee with thruster), run with ruck to 25m line, drop ruck and run to 50m, back to start and back to 25m line, perform 10 mutant burpees. Continue this cycle, advancing 25m at a time.

Butt Kickers | While running, keep knees pointing down and bring heels up towards butt. Quads shouldn’t move much, if at all.

Cat Drill | Lie on your back, head pointed toward an open field. As quickly as possible, roll to your side while getting onto hands and feet (think starting blocks for a sprint) and continue the movement by exploding off the line into a sprint.

Catch ‘n Release | All pax line up. 1 pax launches frisbee and everyone races to it. Once first pax grabs frisbee everyone else stops and bear crawls to frisbee. The pax who got frisbee now throws. Frisbee thrower doesn’t run.

Caterpillar | Like an Indian Run where the leader sprints ahead for a preset time or number of steps. Once he reaches that point, the next pax sprints to the leader and so on.

Chilcutt | Plank performed on elbows

Chin-up | Under-hand pull-up ending with chin above the bar

Coupon | A weighted object

Dancing Chilcutt | During Chilcutt, alternate raising legs 12″

Dead-Stop Pushup | With feet together, arms slightly wider than shoulder width apart, and glutes and core clenched, lower body to ground. Raise hands 1″ off ground, then place hands back down and perform explosive pushup into upper position. Repeat.

Deck of Death | Using playing cards, assign an exercise to each suit. Flip cards over and perform the suits exercise x the card number. Jacks = 11, Queens = 12, Kings = 13, Aces = 14

Deconstructed Burpees | 10 squats, 10 burps / thrusts, 10 pushups, 10 burps / thrusts. 10 rounds, reduce quantity by 1 each round

Descending Merkins | Merkins / pushups performed with feet elevated

Dive-Bomber Pushups | Movement from downward to upward dog. Explanation: pushup performed by rolling your head and shoulders down (as if under a low bar) and then raising with an arched back into full arm extension.

Double Eagle | With rope attached to tire and wrapped around your hips, perform 8 squats with sandbag on shoulders, move into dragging the tire 25m, then place sandbag in tire and backwards-drag (walking backwards) 25m back to starting point. Repeat

Duck Walk | From the lowest squat possible, walk forward while maintaining squat

Easy 3 | Any 4 length exercise where 3 lengths are moderate and the 4th is hard. Example: run 300m at 50%, 100m at 100%; repeat x4.

EMOM | “Every Minute On (the) Minute” – Complete a prescribed exercise at the beginning of every minute over a predefined period of time. e.g. performing “10 pushups EMOM” would require 10 pushups at the beginning of every minute and allow you rest upon completion until the next minute starts.

Escalator | Any series of exercises increasing in repetitions or difficulty

Fiver Frenzy | Run to top of hill & perform 5 reps of prescribed exercise, run to bottom of hill & perform 5 reps of prescribed exercise. Now do that 5 times.

FLR | “Front Leaning Rest” – the top of a pushup position

Flutter Kicks | From a laying position, alternate raising straight legs 18-36″. Performed to a 4-count resulting in 2 raises per leg = 1 repetition

Frog Hops | Place your hands behind your head. Bend your knees slightly and hop forward. Immediately hop again after your feet touch the ground

Frog Jumps | From a low squat (break 90º) jump forward as far and high as possible, landing again in a low squat. Repeat. Resting is in low squat only

Frog Kicks | While on your back with feet together, bring your knees up to your chest then extend fully without touching the ground. Repeat.

Gladiator Pullup | Hold the pull-up bar like an axe or baseball bat, and alternate pull-ups to each side of the bar

Good Mornings | Deadlift performed with coupon or ruck in hands. Maintain straight back and legs while bending at the waist and returning to standing position while holding weight.

Grass Rolls | With hands held behind back, roll sideways across a set distance

GRIF | Run 800m forward, 400m backward, usually in sets of 2

Ground To Overhead (GTOH) | From standing position, squat and grab weight (barbell, ruck, rock, sandbag etc…); in a single movement stand up and press weight to overhead position, maintaining a straight back throughout the movement. Return weight to ground and repeat without rest.

Half Moon | Standing with sandbag, kettlebell, ruck or other weight on the ground to your left, kneel down and grab the weight, stand and rotate the weight overhead, then bring it down to the ground on the right side. Repeat from right side to left.

Hannibal Pushup | Explosive pushup into near-pike position where you will almost touch hands to toes then quickly drop back into pushup position. Beginner: Explosive pushup bringing feet up with knees almost straight (think A-frame)

Hell Squat | Used in squat sets or circuits. Traditional squat, but rest periods are held in the low squat position.

High Knees | Quick-stepping run while driving your knees to hip-height (90º). Step-rate, not distance, is the focus.

Imperial Squats | 1) Perform a deep squat with hands on back of head, 2) on the raise lift right leg to left elbow, 3) repeat deep squat, 4) on the raise lift left leg to right elbow

Imperial Walkers | Lunging with hands on back of head, bring knee up and touch with opposite elbow on each step

Inchworm | 1) Perform a pushup, 2) jump feet to under chest, 3) keeping feet in place, jump hands forward into another pushup. Repeat

Indian Run | Single file run where the last man sprints to the front, then the next last man sprints to the front…

Interval Run | A LSD (long, slow distance) run where sprinting or near-sprinting intervals are incorporated. An example would be running 2 minutes and sprinting 15 seconds, repeat.

Jingle Balls | In plank position, move right foot to outside of right hand and back to starting position. Repeat with left foot.

Johnny Cash | Team exercise where participants perform 1 movement continually until each individual has performed a specific exercise in the form of a relay. Example: team pushups until each member has sprinted 100m and back via relay.

Keg Lift | Standing with a 48″ platform to your right and a sandbag, kettlebell or loaded ruck on the ground to your left, twist and kneel down to grab the weight, then lift, twist and place on top of platform. Bring back down in reverse. Repeat.

Kickthrough Burpees | From standing position, drop into extended pushup position. With right arm and right foot planted, kick your left leg across and under your body while raising your right arm. Immediately perform the kickthrough on the opposite side. Finish with a pushup and jump into standing position.

Kneeling Keg Lift | Kneeling with a 24″ platform to your right and a sandbag, kettlebell or loaded ruck on the ground to your left, twist and grab the weight, then lift, twist and place on top of platform. Bring back down in reverse. Repeat.

Lateral Sandbag Throw | Pick up sandbag (or rock or whatever) and throw it 90º to your right or left.

Levitation Squat | Single-leg squat. Squat until opposite knee touches ground.

Lieutenant Dan | For distance. 1) 1 squat, 2) 4 walking lunges, 3) 2 squats, 4) 8 walking lunges… repeat with increasing 1:4 ratio until X distance is completed or X squats in 1 set are attained

Lizard Hops | From pushup position with right arm and right leg forward, perform an explosive pushup and move your left hand and leg forward while moving right hand and leg back. (think spiderman crawling…)

London Bridge | From bridge position, straighten and raise right leg to 90º (straight up) bring back down to 6″ above ground while holding bridge. Repeat for 5 repetitions, then swap to left leg. Repeat for time or sets.

Lunge Twists | Hold weight (sandbag, ruck, rock, etc) in front of you with both hands. Lunge forward with left leg while simultaneously rotating your upper body so that the weighted object is on your left. Reverse with right leg and right side. Both sides / legs = 1 rep

Medicine Ball Pushups | In pushup position, place left hand on medicine ball / ruck / rock (etc). Perform pushup, bring both hands onto object, then move left hand off object more than shoulder width to the left. Perform another pushups, bring both hands back onto object, continue movement & repeat.

Merkins | Pushups. American. ‘Merican. ‘Merkin.

Mountain Climbers | FLR / plank position. Alternate legs bringing knee to chest and lightly touching ground. Looks like running in plank position.

Mule Kicks | From position on hands and feet, lean forward and kick both feet in the air and bring back into tuck position before landing.

Mutant Maker | With weight on ground in front of you, bend over and bring weight to chest; move into a deep squat and stand up while pressing the weight overhead.

Overhead Lunges | Hold weight overhead with elbows locked. Perform lunges as usual.

Pancake Pushup / Pancake Press | From a slightly-wide pushup position, move your hands past your head 12″. Perform pushup as normal.

Pax | AKA “participant”

Party Pushup | Whether done in a circle or line, each PAX assumes the pushup position and places his feet on the shoulders of the PAX behind him. Perform pushups as a team.

PCMBs | “Prisoner Cell Merkin Burpees” – Like a normal burpee, but after the first pushup, 1) bring right knee to chest and back out, 2) perform another pushup, 3) bring left knee to chest and back out, 4) perform another pushup, 5) finish burpee

Pendulum Plank | From elbow plank position, jump both feet side to side while maintaining as flat a body as possible. Beginner: jump right leg 45º out; on movement back to center, move the left leg out 45º while the right leg comes back to center. Continue each side.

Pike Pushups | With hands and feet on the ground, raise your butt in the air so your body is in an A-frame (downward dog position). From here, perform a pushup.

Plank Ladder | Single column line with everyone in plank position, 1-2 feet apart. Pax at rear straddle-runs/leapfrogs the line and assumes plank position at the front, then next man goes. Perform for a specified distance.

Plank ‘n Press | From upper pushup position lower left arm so that weight is on the forearm then bring right arm down in same manner. Immediately move left arm back to full pushup extension and follow it with the right arm so that you’re back in starting position.

Plyo Chin-up | Explosive (underhand) chin-up, letting go of the bar at the top of the movement and re-grabbing on the way down. Beginner: keep one hand on bar for X reps, then switch hands.

Power Plank-ups | From an elbow-plank, bend your arms (lowering your body) and explosively spring up into the top position of a push-up. In the upward burst, focus on getting all limbs off the ground. Beginners: start using knees and work your way to full plank on toes over time.

Press Lunges | Using a sandbag or other weight, in a single movement perform a shoulder-to-shoulder press with each lunge.

Press ‘n Prowl | Using a sandbag, weighted ruck or other weight (between 35lbs and 95lbs), perform 10 push presses then walk 20m with weight held overhead. If you still have gas, perform 10 more reps, then set weight down. Repeat.

Prisoner Get-ups | From a flat-lying position, perform situp while bringing feet near your six so you can stand up to complete the move. All without using your hands to assist.

Pull-ups | Overhand pullup, ending with chin above bar. Strict = full arm extension

Punching Bag Propeller | Holding a punching bag horizontally in front of you, flip the bag end-over-end in either direction. Each flip (1/2 full rotation) counts for 1 rep.

Push Pass | Holding a sandbag at chest level in both hands, perform a squat and launch the sandbag as far forward as possible at the top of the movement. Perform a burpee and repeat. Often done with a partner, passing back and forth.

Push Press | Holding sandbag or other weight at chest level in both hands, slightly bend your knees then straighten and press weight to full extension overhead. Repeat.

Ranger Merkin | Pushup with hands shoulder-width apart

Reverse Crunch | Lying flat, raise feet 12″, bring knees to chest and back out

Rolling Squat Burpee | From lying position roll your knees up over your head (without fully rolling over), then forcefully drive your legs back down and rolling up into a low squat then into a pushup, back into a low squat, back into a rear-ward roll. Repeat. Beginner: burpee forcefully alternating between pushup and low squat

Rows | From standing position, hold ruck top handle or sandbag with hands together; pull weight up to just below chin

Russian Twists | From lying position, raise feet and shoulders off ground; with arms straight, place hands together and rotate your trunk moving hands 90º to left and then 90º to right

Sandbangers | Using a push-press, throw sandbag as far forward as possible, broad jump to bag and perform 3 burpees. Repeat for defined distance.

She Hate Me | 10 lunges (20 movements), 10 burps, 10 pushups. AMRAP in allotted time

Shoulder To Shoulder | Using weighted ruck, sandbag or coupon, lift overhead from one shoulder to the other and back. Both shoulders = 1 rep

Single-leg Plyo Bridge | From a down single-leg plyo bridge, explode upward with leading knee and follow with a push from the leg touching the ground. Land back on single leg and repeat. Switch sides.

Skips | Classic skipping, but focus is on driving knees and explosively launching as high as possible with each step

Skydrivers | Plant your left foot on box or stone ~ 18-24″ high, then step up and drive your right knee up like you were kneeing someone in the ribs. Keep left foot planted and bring right foot back to ground. Repeat with same leg for set reps, then switch legs

Slam Bag Burpees | Replace the squat-and-jump element of the burpee with a ground-to-overhead (GTOH). The rest of the burpee is the same

Slow-Mo [anything] | Any exercise where the flexion and extension are performed over 5-sec counts. Squat example – descend into bottom squat over 5 seconds, then slowly return to standing position over 5 seconds

SLR | “Side Leaning Raise” – a side-lying plank with arms fully extended resulting in what looks like a leaning cross

Squat Brigade | Form a tight circle and perform team squats while passing sandbag(s) 1 person per squat

Star Hops | Jumping jacks on ‘roids. Jump as high as possible while swinging arms and legs out as far as possible

Strides | 100m sprint starting at 35% maximum speed and increasing to 100%

Supine Chilcutt | A plank performed on elbows while facing up

Supines | A sit-up performed from a flat-lying position. Legs stay straight and toes touched each rep

Thor | Feet never touch the ground. Perform a situp and an American Hammer (Russian Twist) = 1 rep.

Wall Blast | From 10-20 meters out, sprint towards and run up a wall, trying to reach as high as possible.

Wide Merkins | Pushups performed with hands far apart

Windshield Wipers | Laying on your 6, put both feet straight up in air perpendicular to body. Sweep feet from left to right, touching the ground on each side.

WOD | “Workout of the Day”