Let’s establish something: heart always beats gear. You can wear whatever you want to these workouts. There are, however, some gear recommendations and a couple requirements*.


Wednesdays we perform movements-under-weight, aka “rucking” which means you will need the following:

  • A backpack capable of holding weight
  • 25-35# of weighted material

For your weights, we recommend paver-bricks (bricks without the holes) duct-taped together so they won’t tear up your bag, steel plates (again, wrap them in something), sandbags, or even a bag of lead-pipe, wrenches and miscellaneous tools. Okay maybe we don’t “recommend” that last one, but it’s seriously what one of the guys brings so don’t let anything get in your way.

If you use pavers, 4 is roughly 18#, 6 is around 25#.


  • Gloves (Mechanix, Gardening, or Leather all work)
  • Did I mention gloves? Seriously, you should bring some.

* If you don’t have these right now, show up anyway! You’ll have time to get what you need.