Fall Backpacking Trip


Alright guys, we’re officially planning a Backpacking trip this fall. A 7-day trip with 5 of those being on the 40-mile Maroon Snowmass Capitol Creek Loop in Colorado. This is one of the most beautiful areas in the Rockies with 2 14ers, multiple Alpine lakes, waterfalls, and rich, colorful plant life all around.

The rough cost is $400 per person covering transportation, food and lodging (everything needed except for your own personal gear) and for us married folks a little babysitting and 2 getaways for our wives while we’re away. Happy wife = happy life.

Right now I need to know which dates you absolutely could not do in September and October. I mean impossible dates here, not “I’d prefer to not do these dates” dates. Once I’ve heard from everyone planning on going, I’ll pick the best window based on that info and let you know.

So please fill out the form below if you want to go. I’m going to leave this form open until June 20th. After that the dates will be nailed down and pretty much immovable.

Last thing: this is a given, but you will be required to be in excellent physical shape for this trip. There will be required conditioning to come. Quite simply, the better shape everyone is in, the more fun the trails become.

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