Duck Around

Brent DavisWorkouts

Warm-up Jog 800m PT 5 cycles Push-Ups x20 Flutter Kicks (4 count) x20 Dips x20 Box Jumps x20 Field Work 2 Cycles Duck Walk 25m … Read More

Speedy Gonruckus


Cardio Partner up Cat Drill Relay x25m (x8, each) Double Waiter Carry x100m each (1 ruck in each hand. Partner walks alongside, encouraging) Double Bear Hug … Read More

Here, Then Over There


Warmup Run 400m PT Circuit, 20min Dead-stop Pushups x10 Step-ups x20 Dips x20 Lunge Hops x20 Thor x10 PT + Cardio Partner up Drags x2 … Read More

Ruck, Ruck, Ready Up


Cardio Ruck-swing suicide (start with 10 swings, run 25m & back. Perform 20 swings, run to 50 and back, etc. Last run is 100m and … Read More

Team America!


Warmup Run 800m PT Partner up Wheelbarrows x25m (each partner) Normal Empty (facing up) Broken (1 leg only, each leg) Team Relay x10 (1 or … Read More

An Indefinite Loop


Ruck + PT AMRAP (Rounds) Ruck 800m Push Press x15 Flutter Kicks x15 (4-count, holding ruck up) Pushups x15 Squats x15

Up, Down & Side to Side


Warmup Run 800m PT + Cardio Fiver Frenzy Mule kicks at top Frog jumps at bottom Lateral Sandbag Throws x100m (left side) Sandbag Burpees x15 … Read More