Kerrville, TX: Men’s workout, M-W-F, rain or shine, hot or cold. All are welcome regardless of fitness level. We start promptly at 6:30AM (so get there by 6:20) and always end by 7:25AM. Check the Gear page for what to bring. You will be challenged and encouraged. These men are excellent and will only build you up.

It’s free, but there is a requirement: do your best no matter what.

The Truth

Bodily discipline is valuable, but not just for health reasons. It is, if you let it be, the opportunity to become a better man; better at decision making, better at sticking out the hard times in life, better at fighting for what you believe in, better at pushing through.

It’s less common to hear the guys in this group talk about the physical benefits (even though they are obvious and effective) than the benefits that spill into other areas of life – better marriages, better parenting, better perspectives and increased confidence, among others.

Will you get fit if you join? Yes. But maybe that’s a side effect.

If you’ve ever pushed yourself hard – I mean really hard – you know what happens. You discover you’re stronger than you think, but also that somewhere you give in to the lie that you don’t have what it takes. Here you will get the chance to take that lie, face it and push the #### through it.

This is a brotherhood. One that most men won’t join and where the faithful are few. But really, wouldn’t you rather be a part of the few?